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Bed bugs becoming a national epidemic -
94% of pesticides fail to kill them


Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

in 13 Seconds FLAT! & Keep Them From Coming Back GUARANTEED!

The U.S. Bed Bug Epidemic Hits!

Do you have bed bugs? Your not alone, Just watch ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX or CNN and you'll quickly realize bed bugs are a Nationwide Epidemic. More importantly, If you did answer yes to this question, you have to act fast before you become the victim of a full blown infestation.

"While You Wait To Treat Bed Bugs
They Will Continue To Lay Eggs & Multiply,
Growing On Your Blood"

bed bug cycle

Within just a few weeks, female bed bugs are laying up to 5 new eggs a day and drinking 3X their body weight in your blood in a single night

The Complete Bed Bug Shredder "

Triple Kill

" System

  • Step 1 Bedbug Shredder Direct Contact Killer Spray
  • Step 2 Bedbug Shredder Penetrating Barrier Spray
  • Step 3 Bedbug Shredder Laundry Additive
  • Bonus Bedbug Shredder User Manual
  • Bonus Bedbug Shredder Application Video
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Serious bedbug infestations and chronic attacks can cause anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Development of refractory delusional parasitosis is possible, as victims develop an overwhelming obsession with bedbugs.

The fluid injected by bedbugs can cause skin to become irritated and inflamed, although individuals can differ in their sensitivity. A few cases of bullous eruptions have been reported.

Emergency Action Plan -
A Professional Strength Bed bug
Killing System Has Been Developed...

Bed Bugs have become IMMUNE to most "chemical based" pesticides. In response to this, research and development on an effective bed bug killing system that kills bed bugs (while being safe for you and your family) has been completed. The result -

The BedBug Shredder™ "Triple-Kill System"

The BedBug Shredder™ system gets rid of bed bug infestations, FAST!

BedBug Shredder™ Works because:

  • It's a complete 3 part system that kills every last bed bug in your house.
  • Because it's a mechanical killer* bedbugs cannot become immune to it's killing strength like ordinary pesticides.
  • It's ingredients are recognized by the United States EPA as GRAS or "Generally Regarded as Safe and Effective".
  • It's main ingredients are non-toxic to humans and pets so you can apply it yourself without hiring an expensive service.

"I just wanted to tell you I was very skeptical buying products online. After trying everything in my local Walmart and Home Depot, I pretty much had no other choice. I bought the 3 bedroom package and used it as directed. My husband couldn't believe it, in less than two days, we were already finding dead bugs! I vacuumed real well, washed all of my bedding and haven't seen once since! I'm going to keep this product on hand just incase we bring these suckers home again!"


"I'm a frequent international traveler. I have heard many horror stories regarding bed bugs but never thought I would find myself dealing with them. Unfortunately, after being home for two days, after my travels, I realized I had bed bugs. I thought it was fleas at first but I don't have any pets. I took a closer look and realized it was, in fact, bed bugs. I got online, found your product, and ordered it immediately. I applied the BedBug Shredder accordingly and washed all of my bedding. I was paranoid for another day or two but in reality there were no bed bugs left in my house!! Thanks a million! "


How Does The BedBug Shredder™ "Triple-Kill System" Work?

Phase 1: BedBug Shredder™ Direct Contact Bed Bug Killing Spray


This treatment of BedBug Shredder™ is the "direct contact killer" for treating mattresses, bed rails, couches and other furniture where the bed bug infestation is located. The specialized formula effectively eliminates the bed bugs and their offspring by causing immediate immobilization of the bed bug nymphs, followed by 100% mortality within 1 minute of the topical application. The formula effectively targets the bed bug's nervous system and destabilizes their chemical pathways, thus creating a bed bug treatment that they can not develop an immunity to.

In addition to being 100% effective on bugs directly treated with BedBug Shredder™, it also has been proven to be effective against eggs and larva. This results in total destruction of the infestation. Bed Bugs do not have a chance to survive through reproduction.

product image
Note: This phase also contains a shielding ingredient that dramatically helps to protect from future bed bug infestations. Try BedBug Shredder "Triple Kill System" RISK FREE Now

Phase 2: BedBug Shredder™ Bed Bug Killer Barrier Defense Spray


Bed bugs have to travel across floors and carpets to get to your bed. We make sure they never make the trip! You simply apply it by spraying it around the edge of your walls and around the legs of your bed. Turn sprayer nozzle to "on" position. Hold approximately 8 inches from surface to be sprayed. Squeeze trigger to spray until surface is slightly moist but not to the point of runoff. Bed Bug Shredder does the rest... It lightly covers the immediate "area" of infestation (typically around the bed, furniture, etc.) for just a few days, that's all it takes for those areas to be bed bug free.

Note: This phase also contains a shielding ingredient that dramatically helps to protect from future bed bug infestations.

product image

Phase 3: BedBug Shredder™ Laundry Additive Bed Bug Killer


TIP: Bed bugs can live in sheets, comforters and even clothing that's been on the floor.

BedBug Shredder™ Laundry Additive is the third part of the Triple-Kill System. Add this in the wash of contaminated sheets and clothing. It is specially formulated to chemically activate in water to kill the bed bugs and eggs on fabric.You simply add the additive to your clothes washer and run on a regular cycle. It is proven to kill all of the bed bugs from your linens and has been shown to be safe for all types of linens. And, because it is safe and non-toxic, it will not harm you or your family.

Try BedBug Shredder "Triple Kill System" RISK FREE Now
product image

Get rid of bedbugs TODAY! Choose the Bed Bug Shredder package that best suits your needs...

LIMITED SUPPLY NOTICE: As usual BedBugShredder™ will soon be in short supply for the begin- ning of the season. Each year it is harder and harder to keep up with demand. Right now we are shipping all orders same day. As lead times increase we will make note of it here. Order early to avoid delays.


What's in a kit?

Each Bed Bug Shredder kit comes complete with all the supplies and information necessary to kill bedbugs for good.

NOTE: Orders are shipped the same business day if in by 12:00 Noon CST by discreetly in a plain box by FedEx ground unless otherwise specified

Here's what Shredder Won't do:

  • Bed Bug Shredder Barrier Dust
  • Bed Bug Shredder Direct Mattress Spray
  • Bed Bug Shredder Laundry Detergent Additive
  • "Where the Bed Bugs are Hiding" user guide
  • Video Application Instructions

1 Bedroom Triple Kill System: Includes everything listed above
and contains enough ingredients to treat one average room effectively.

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3 Bedroom Triple Kill System: Includes everything listed above and
contains enough ingredients to treat a three bedroom house area effectively.
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5 Bedroom Triple Kill System: Includes everything listed above and
contains enough ingredients to treat up to five rooms effectively.

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Bed Bug Mattress Protector QUEEN/KING
Fits any queen or king sized mattress.

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Bed Bug Mattress Protector TWIN/FULL
Fits any twin or full sized mattress.

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